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From the history of the town of Chernyakhovsk (prior to 1946 Insterburg)

At the confluence of the Chernuppe river in Angerapp (Angrapa) the Castle of Insterburg was founded by the Teutonic (German) Order in 1336. Nearby there was the Prussian village of Shparge, two more settlements (large villages) grew at the castle walls.

In 1500 there were about 350 residents and 60 houses at Schparge, in 1541 this settlement received market privileges, becoming "the place of Inster". On 10th October, 1583, when the Margrave, Friedrich von Ansbach granted it the legal status of a town, there were already about 1200 inhabitants.

The town of Insterburg developed despite a number of disasters: the fierce fire of 1590 (the church, the school and 10 houses survived), the attack of the "Muscovites" in 1655, of the Polish governor Gosiewski and the Tatars who burnt the town and took the youth into slavery, in 1656, plundering of the castle and the town by the Swedes in 1679, the fire in 1690, the plague in 1709, the grasshopper plague in 1711, the murrain in 1712. In the XVIII century the Germans from Pfalz, the Upper Rhine, the French, the Dutch, the Swiss, the Salzburg Protestants settled in the town and its surroundings...